For YOUR next EVENT we can CUSTOMIZE your Magic or Illusion Show with your brand or logo! In the Ultimate Illusion Show it can involve the CEO disappearing or appearing, floating, or getting sawed in half!  The Board of Directors can Magically appear or we can introduce the guest speaker or VIP for your company or organization. No event is too small or too large The Magic of Brian Arkell can create a show for your specific needs and requirements from a parlor show at a private event to the VIP close-up Magic Experience to a stage show with one or more people involved using visual flashy effects, audience participation, escape from a straight jacket, a locked previously examined box, effects with razor sharp swords, plus many many more that will exceed your expectations and leave you and your guest`s on the edge of their seats wanting more of the best quality entertainment!


This is Brian Arkell’s signature unique one-of-a kind original act called The Changing Times of Music that starts with the old style Victrola Music to the I-POD that is all silent and perfect for an opening act or a spot in a variety show.


Brian performs personalized sleight-of-hand at each individual table or group setting entertaining at a banquet, restaurant, ballroom, making it a fun and memorable experience! Great for a cocktail hour.

Silent Act

This act is perfect for international audiences, opening acts for singers, musicians, bands, orchestras, and touring shows! Performed all to music with no talking and can range from a 2 minute television spot to a 5-10 minute variety spot in a show or opening act before the star comes out!

Family Entertainment

Brian specializes in unique family style entertainment such as private parties, anniversary`s, weddings, picnics, family reunions, awards nights, company events, special events, and holidays

Fairs& Festivals

Grab that funnel cake and nachos and sit back and relax in the shade and Experience The Magical Illusions of Brian Arkell. High-energy sleight-of-hand, Illusions, and Escapes will leave you on the edge of your lawn chairs with three 30 minute stage and Illusion Shows. Self-Contained and can be for just one day or many days with advertising and publicity. Strolling Magic is also available for up to 4 hours a day!

Corporate Entertainment

Brian can draw a crowd with a powerful message for your product and make it a memorable experience at your next corporate event, trade show, convention, or sales presentation

A Magical Illusion Spectacular

Basic Illusion Experience: This experience is perfect for small to medium events to be staged in most formal venues such as: hotel banquet rooms, convention halls and auditoriums.
The Illusion Experience: This experience is perfect for medium to large events and has specific technical requirements and staging.
The Ultimate Illusion Experience: This experience is perfect for large events and can be customized and designed just for you.All shows are anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes and are adaptable to your specific event. There can be anywhere from 1 large Illusion to 6 Illusions with crew and special effects.
Total Performance Fees include: Customization, Show design, Technical rehearsals, full dress rehearsals and client previews, performance of show, travel expenses (if applicable) airfare for performers and crew, accommodation in business hotel and all meals, van transport for crew, performers and equipment, excess baggage cost or freight forwarding costs. Performance fees are separate from travel, accommodation and shipping expenses.